Scholastic Committee: Immunology Review Session #1

Phi Delta Chi Gamma Theta annually hosts review sessions for the P1 class in order to help them transition from undergraduate school to our pharmacy school curriculum. Upperclassmen (P2s and P3s) volunteer their time to put together a review presentation that covers important key concepts from class lectures. This immunology review session was our first review of the semester. The Scholastic Committee first contacted and received permission from the class instructor in order to hold this review session. We then divided the work by assigning a different chapter to each participating Brother. The content of our presentation answered most of the exam study guide questions. We had a very good turnout for this event in which more than half of the P1 class attended (~50 students). We encouraged active learning by including iClicker questions. The P1 class really appreciated this review session and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback. All Brothers who helped with this event did their part and were awesome presenters. This review session was a success and I’m sure that the rest of them will be as well.